FOOD52 Make Mozzarella Potluck

What’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon? How about making mozzarella in a stranger’s kitchen?
A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this blog post on FOOD52 (a site I had never heard before but now can’t wait to explore further). Of course, when I saw the open call for mozzarella-making party hosts, I volunteered.
Sadly, I wasn’t chosen to host. Thankfully, AntoniaJames, a long-time FOOD52 member, was chosen. And she was gracious to invite me and several other perfect strangers to join the party.
So I schlepped on over to her lovely home and had a ball stretching mozzarella, eating (cheese and otherwise), chatting with new foodie friends, and snapping nearly 150 photos.

What I found was that making mozzarella wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought, and I hear making ricotta is even easer. (Tip: I’ve been told that Jennifer’s recipe is the best.) I can’t wait to try it next.
All in all, my first foray into the cheese-making world was a definite success, and left me hungry for more.

Separating the curds from the whey
Draining the curds
Soaking the curds in hot (really hot) water to start kneading and stretching

Everyone joins in the fun!
Check out that stretchy mozzarella

Finished product, with California Olive Ranch olive oil and salt
This has nothing to do with cheese making. This is the amazing dinner to reward our cheese making success.
Thanks, AntoniaJames, for the wonderful party!
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Want to see the rest of the photos? Check out the flickr photo set.
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